adding a new campaign grouping

We have created a video that shows how to do this and then the steps are explained in detail below



To add a new campaign grouping, navigate to the 'Campaign Groupings' page and click - 'Add New Grouping' where you will see this:

Start by adding Grouping Name eg. Brand/Non Brand

The next section is where you create the rule(s) for a specific segment. In this example, we'll create a 'Brand' segment based on campaigns that contain the word 'Brand'. You can also create rules based on what campaign name starts or ends with and also does not contain. Type the relevant keyword or phrase in the field and hit [enter]. You can add as many keywords or phrases as needed for each of the fields. The fields are not case sensitive.

Once you have added the keywords and phrases, name the segment in the last field, in the above example, the segment is called Brand. 

Use the 'Apply to' section to select which clients the grouping is applicable to. If you select all, any new clients added will also be included in the future.

To complete this example, we need to create the 'Non Brand' segment so tick the box next to 'create another segment' and then click 'Add'. Ticking the 'create another segment' box will load a new page only showing rules for the segment:

Repeat this step as many times as you need to in order to have all the segments you need within your grouping.


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