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With all the great dashboards you’ve built, we understand that you want to share them with people which is why all our paid packages include unlimited users. Users can only be added by Super Admins and Dashboard Admins so if you aren’t one then you’ll need to ask one to create the user or to change your user type. To add a new user, first navigate to the Users page then click Add New User at the top of the page.

You will then be prompted to enter the users basic information and select their user type. It’s important to choose the right user type so you can click the ? next to that field to see the differences but as you’re here now we’ll explain here too!:

Super Admin - All features plus package selection and finance information 

Full Admin - All features 

Dashboard Admin - View existing clients (with correct access)/data sources/dashboards/users but can only edit existing dashboards

Viewer - Access/view existing dashboards and reports 

Reports Only - Access/view published reports only 

Financial User - View/edit package selection and payment details only

Once you have entered the basic info and selected a user type the final step is selecting which clients the user should have access to in the table below. Once you’ve entered all that information click Create User and we’ll ping them an email with their login details.


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