connecting data sources

We have created a video that shows how to connect Google Analytics. The steps are explained in detail below



how to set up and manage data sources in difdash

The first step on your journey to beautiful automated reporting is connecting all your relevant data sources to difdash. Luckily, we’ve made this a very simple process to get you started. 

When you first login you will be guided through the setup wizard which includes connecting data sources. However, you can add or remove data sources to the platform at any time.

To add a new data source, head to the Data Sources page. You will see this list of available connections:

Click ‘view’ to see the current connected sources for each platform or ‘Connect Account’ to start the process of adding a new account. Each platform is slightly different but all require you to confirm our access. Once that’s done you have the option to rename the connected account but the account is now connected and ready to be linked to clients.



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