creating a custom metric

While we do have an extensive list of metrics available, we understand that sometimes you have your own way of doing things which is why we built the Create a Metric page. To create your first metric, navigate to the Create a Metric page.

The first page you'll see displays the currently created metrics so it’s worth checking the table to see if someone else has already created the metric you need. If you don’t see it, click Create New Metric at the top right of the page.

The fields to be completed are:

Metric name – this is the name you will see in the dashboard builder

Notes – these are optional but can be used to explain what your new metric is for and will be visible in the created metrics table

Format – select the format that you want your new metric displayed in (number, percentage, time or currency)

Decimal places - choose how many decimal places the metric should display with

Sources – this section lists all available data sources and is crucial to the create a metric process. The selections made here feeds into the metrics you can use to create your new metric. We list both individual platforms such as Google Ads and Bing and also channel based options such as Paid Search. If you select Google Ads and then use Clicks in your new metric, the metric will only use Adwords clicks. However, if you select Paid Search and then use clicks, the new metric will use clicks from both Adwords and Bing. You can also change which data source to reference while you add metrics to your new metric formula. We’ll cover this in more detail below.

Once you have selected your first source, click into the formula box. Type the name of the first metric you want to use and any metrics matching will appear, select the metric you want. Use the operator buttons ([+ - * / ( ) ] to add any function to your formula and then begin typing the name of the next metric or use numbers. If you want to use a metric from another platform simply select that platform from the sources list, the formula will remain in place and you can add the metric from the new platform. You can also use the View All Available Metrics button to check the name of any metric from any data source.

Continue this process until the formula is complete, select if you want the metric to be available for all clients or specific ones and then click Save As New Metric. Your new metric will now be available immediately in the dashboard builder for all selected clients.


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