platform hierarchy

a rundown on the process flow of difdash

difdash is designed to be used by brands and client service agencies so it's important to understand the relationship between data sources, clients and dashboards. Data sources are added and maintained via the Data Sources tab. You can add topline data sources such as Google Ads MCCs or Facebook Business Managers as well as individual accounts via the Data Sources page.

Once a data source is added, you connect it to a specific client via the Admin button on the Clients tab. At this stage each account will be listed individually so pick the exact account you want for the specific client. You can choose which connected accounts to use for any dashboard you make for the client so connect as many as you need.

When you have connected data sources and linked them to a client, you are ready to make your first dashboard. To make the dashboard you first pick which of the linked data sources you want to include. For example, you might want to create one dashboard for Google Ads and another for Facebook which would mean creating 2 dashboards and linking each to one data source. If you want both data sources in the same report, just link them both to one dashboard and metrics from both will be available in the dashboard Builder.


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