configuring an element

When you click to add a new element, or edit an existing one, you will be presented with the element wizard to set the requirements. The options presented here will vary dependent upon the element selected. For example, if you select a pie chart or a stackbar chart, you will need to pick the grouping(s) you want to see displayed in addition for the metrics (e.g spend by device).

For any with a horizontal or x axis you can choose what dimension you want it to use. By default this will be set to time series (i.e dates) but you can choose any of the options in the extensive list to see your data presented that way.

If you have Google Analytics connected to a dashboard, or have created Campaign Groupings, you can filter elements to only show data from specific segments such as Paid Search (GA Default Channel) or Brand (Campaign Grouping Segment). You can do this on step 2 of the wizard 'Grouping and Filtering':

You can use as many segments to filter the data as you need. In the below example, the chart is grouped to show data by device or brand/non-brand


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