creating a client

We have created a video that shows how to Create A Client. The steps are explained in detail below



how to setup a new client in difdash

Once you have connected data sources, it’s time to create your first client. If you are a brand user, we mean brand wherever we use client. To add a new client, navigate to the Clients page and click Add New Client.

This will take you to a simple three step process to set the client up. First, enter the basic information about the client then proceed to the next step – linking data sources. You will be presented with this page:

You can use the search bar at the top of the page to filter results from all data sources or click Show for any data source to see all available accounts.  Click connect for the account(s) relevant to the new client.

The final step for adding a client is deciding which users have access to it. If you haven’t yet added all the users who will have access, don’t panic! You can complete the client set up and then create new users with access after.


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