creating a dashboard

We have created a video that shows how to Create A Dashboard. The steps are explained in detail below



an introduction to making beautiful dashboards in difdash

Data sources connected and client set up? Now we’re getting to the good stuff! To get started on your first dashboard navigate to the Dashboards page and click Create New Dashboard. You will then need to select the client you want to build for and name the dashboard. As soon as you select the client you will see a list of that client’s connected data sources – you need to pick which of these you want to add to the dashboard and click 'connect'. When that's all done, click 'create dashboard'

Once you're in the builder, you can choose to build a dashboard from scratch, use one of our templates or use one of your other dashboards as a template.

We’ll go through all the various elements and options available in the builder in the more detailed dashboard section of the knowledge base so if that’s what you need you should jump there. For now what we’ll say is all you need to do is click on any of the elements shown in the middle of the page to add them to the dashboard. 

When you click an element, the chart wizard will appear – this is where you set the size, name and metrics for the element. Once added, you can move the elements around to ensure the layout is exactly what you want. When you’re happy just click Build & Save and that’s it – your days of manually reporting are over!


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