creating users

What’s the point in all these great dashboards if no one can see them! That’s why all our paid packages include unlimited users – we want everyone to enjoy easy, intuitive access to important data.

Adding a new user is as easy as 1,2, click. Head to the Users page, click Add New User, enter their basic information, select user type and client access then click Create User and you’re done! The user will receive an email with instructions to set up their account.

The different user types in difdash are:

Super Admin - All features plus package selection and finance information 

Full Admin - All features 

Dashboard Admin - View existing clients (with correct access)/data sources/dashboards/users but can only edit existing dashboards

Viewer - Access/view existing dashboards and reports 

Reports Only - Access/view published reports only 

Financial User - View/edit package selection and payment details only


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